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Director, Information Security


  • Provide thought leadership, strategic planning, and project management on matters related to information security.

  • Engage directly with customers and prospects in the course of their due diligence and ongoing operational reviews concerning information security.

  • Work closely with IT personnel and support vendors, as well as the application development, analytics and program services teams to ensure regulatory compliance and ongoing implementation of security initiatives.

  • Develop, implement, update, and ensure the ongoing proper adherence to information security policies and procedures.

  • Identify potential risks, threats, and vulnerabilities present in the environment and develop and provide guidance for appropriate security controls to mitigate them.

  • Perform security awareness training and carry out ongoing education initiatives.

  • Coordinate security audits, monitoring, and independent testing.

  • Oversee and direct incident response activities and preparedness including DR and BCP.

  • Provide regular updates on the status of information security initiatives to members of management and the Technology Steering Council.

  • Prepare RFI's/RFP's and evaluate responses in support of appropriate technical vendor solutions.

  • Collaborate with customers, staff, IT and other stakeholders to identify direction and plans for strategic customer goals, assess impacts, consider available and emerging technologies, compare costs and benefits and recommend solutions.

  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies

  • Develop annual department budget and prioritize activities according to organizational objectives and resources available.


  • Extensive knowledge of HIPAA and HITECH.

  • Knowledge of and experience with Information Security frameworks such as HiTRUST, NIST, or ISO 27001.

  • Bachelor’s degree in information security, information assurance, information technology, computer science, or a related discipline.

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), or related certification.

  • Five (5) years in an information security operations or management role.

  • Passion for the mission of Health Leads and strong commitment to Health Leads’ core values: belief in collective strength and the power of shared work, constant and courageous learning, celebrating our victories and each other, and stepping up leaders in a common vision.

  • Experience with information security for cloud environments and/or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms.

  • Knowledge of security-related technologies and processes, including but not limited to: data loss prevention (DLP), identity and access management (IAM), endpoint security, vulnerability and configuration management, security information and event management (SIEM), incident response and digital forensics, disaster recovery/business continuity planning, network security (LAN/WAN).

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and information both verbally and writing, in a clear, concise, and effective manner to technical and non-technical audiences including customers and colleagues.

  • Superior capabilities for partnering; ability to be effective as both a team member and as a leader of teams in defining objectives, staying on task and reaching consensus; soliciting participation, challenging ideas and summarizing accomplishments and planned actions.

  • Show integrity and ethical behavior; respect confidentiality, business ethics and organizational standards.

  • Ability to formulate the cost benefit of security initiatives in the context of overall business risk mitigation and the organization’s operational objectives. Ability to compare, contrast and prioritize among alternative approaches to meet those objectives.

Virtual Customer Service Professional

1,500, Virtual Customer Service Professional Positions Nation Wide (work from home) - . The hourly pay rate is $9.00 – $14.00 per hour depending on experience and the company that you will be assigned. Must work a minimum of 25 hours per week, full time hours available.Skill Set Overview:• Excellent listening skills, strong English communication skills (verbal and written)• Answer general customer inquiries.• Resolve concerns or complaints related to your client.• Communicate client policies.• No Cold Calling, No Telemarketing, inbound calls only.Requirements:• Must be 18+ to apply• High school diploma or equivalency• Secondary education and/or some college is preferred• Able to perform basic math skills• You’ll make your own schedules• Must be able to pass a background check• Minimum 3+ months of customer service , retail, or sales experience preferred• Ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment.• A background check is required. (client may ask for drug test)• Comfortable with basic Computer skills including email and documents.• Would like to work PT or FT as a 1099 contractor from home.• A Quiet home office place to work. No ambient sounds such as pets or children while working.• Able to be in training consecutively up to a maximum of 4 hours in the evening or morning for up to a total of 10 weeks.Technical Requirements:• Computer (PC, or Mac)• Windows Vista is not accepted at this time• Computer USB Headset, Microphone or PC speakers• High speed Internet access provided by a cable or DSL provider• Satellite broadband does not meet our requirements• Use of wireless and Wi-Fi "air cards" is prohibited• A dedicated, hard wired phone with no features.• A noise canceling phone headset.• A computer with the basic following specs:o Minimum Hardware: 2 Gigabytes (GB) – 80 GB IDE – Single Core 1.4 GHz – 48 x CDROM Drive – 32 Bit Sound Card -speakers Minimum OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit, and MAC OS 10Salary• Pay is dependent upon the Client you chose to train with. Some Clients offer a base rate perhour. Others per minute.• For the majority of clients – No Sales are required. Just due diligence, conscientiousness anddependability. Some clients do offer an extra incentive for sales.• Starting pay for most Clients is approximately $9.00 per hour and top call takers make $14.00+per hour.• Pay Period is Bi-Monthly: Checks are automatically deposited or mailed twice per month on orbefore the 15th and 30th of each month.• Depending upon the client you choose, contract requirements can range from a mandatoryrequirement of 10 Hours per week to 20 + hours.• If you would like to work over your contracted hours, you can. It is up to you and the availability of hours. Some contractors have worked close to 80 hours a week on a contract that only required 20 mandatory hours. Again it depends on the particular client and the availability of hours over and above your weekly contract requirement.Job Description• Service as an Independent Call Center Agent answering inbound Customer Service calls forclients such as: AAA, Dell Computers, Apple, Carnival Cruise Lines, Intuit, Staples, CVS, Barnesand Nobles, AT&T, and other businesses needing help assisting customers with placing orders,billing questions, payment arrangements, dispatch – such as for AAA, technical support- such as for mobile phones, questions about products, and reservations.Assistance needed varies perclient.• This is Not a commission based position; this is simply Call Center work just as you would assist customers in an off site Call Center environment, but this will be from your home office.

  • This is a 1099 – Contract/Temp position.• Hours are Part Time or Full Time dependent upon availability of hours for FT.• Schedules are flexible and you can choose your hours.• If dependable and conscientious about your contract requirements, contracts are renewedautomatically every 3 months for most of the non-seasonal, year around clients.Customer Service Professional (CSP) Certification• You are responsible for your Customer Service Professional (CSP) Certification fee. You must be certified as a Customer Service Professional or ‘CSP’ before choosing a Client. This is to make sure you are going to be able to perform as a customer service agent and can be offered client opportunities. The CSP training can be done in a day or take longer; it is up to you. The CSP Certification fee varies by client. $12.95 Background Check/ CSP Certification $99.00 FREE for Students , Military & Family and Vet's & Family.Client Certification• Client certification is separate and in addition to the one day ‘Customer Service Professional’(CSP) Certification. Once you have passed and been certified as a CSP, you will be able to see the different Client opportunities in detail and what each Client requires for their Certification fee.You can then choose the client you wish to service as a Virtual Customer Service Professional.* Virtual HR Masters and partner DYH Staffing does not profit from any training fees. Fees go directly to pay the Client Instructors that train the Call Center Professionals up to 4 hours a day for up to 10 weeks to work on their Company’s software and with their Company’s customers. Time required for training varies depending upon the client you chose to go with.Partial Client ListADT Security Systems, AT&T Mobility Billing - Tech, Agero Roadside Assistance, Rogers Communications, AAA Auto Club, Disney Resorts ReservationsIntuit -Turbo Tax, Intuit Fast Track -Turbo Tax, Carnival Cruise LinesBarnes and Nobles, Staples, SEARS, Walgreens, Interval Exchange Amazon, AT&T, Sprint, Mac, Sprint and Wells Fargo

Why Do I Have to Pay for Training?

You will be working from your home. We are relying on you to be dependable. We have to make sure that only serious and conscientious applicants apply. The company can not afford to pay for training costs then have candidates come and go.For candidates, this is the same as paying for technical training or college courses. If you want to become a Paralegal, Dental Assistant, Network Administrator, etc., you pay for your own training and certification before applying for the job role.This certification requires very minimal training fees and time commitment compared to other trade school certification programs or college course fees. It also guarantees work the next day after passing client certification, plus the rare opportunity to work from your home base.*Your certification training is fully tax deductible along with many other tax breaks applicable to 1099 status such as: Phone & Internet service, % off home office used for work including electricity, and more.

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