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Free webinar - Self marketing for the serious job seeker

The most common mistake made by job seekers in today’s fiercely competitive market is the failure to properly market themselves. Just like big corporations use marketing to sell their products or services, today’s job seekers must market their skills and talents in a similar fashion. In order to be successful, you need a complete career marketing package. You need to think of yourself as a product, and market yourself to employers every step of the way. YOU are your own brand, and you need to develop a strategic marketing plan to sell yourself! You don’t need marketing degree to learn the art of selling yourself. The free webinar from the Get Hired Boot Camp team can show you how to do it! Think for just a minute, about the various ways that companies convince you to buy a product or service. First, they highlight the product’s best features, and then they describe how it will benefit you. When you look at it from this perspective, it makes sense to start viewing your job search this same way. The free Get Hired Boot Camp webinar teaches you how to market yourself at every stage of your job search. From your cover letter and resume, to your interview, to your follow-up phone call, we’ll teach you the self marketing strategies that work. • Strategic resume writing • How to highlight your achievements • Successful interview techniques • Showcasing how you’ll benefit the employer • Projecting self confidence • Developing the competitive advantage • The subtle art of self promotion • Interviewing the interviewer …and SO much more It’s time to get serious about your job search. Start to see yourself as a product. Develop your brand, and sell yourself. With the Get Hired Boot Camp webinar, you’ll learn how to put together a complete career marketing package that gets you hired! Seating is limited so register today!"

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